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By |    Aug 29, 2019

What To Look For In Your Eye Serum

What To Look For In Your Eye Serum

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive skin on the body, so it is often where you see signs of aging first. Paying attention to your eye creams/ serums is very important and applying them can help maintain your youthful under-eye glow. Whether you are a hard working mom or a college student who is trying to keep up the right products can help you take preventative cautions from aging skin.

Here are the ingredients that you should look for in your eye serums. 

Caffeine helps with the puffiness around the eye area.

Vitamin C helps protect the skin under your eyes from sun damage, pollution, stress, and lack of sleep. 

Peptides produce the collagen and elastin in the skin around the eyes. 

Hyaluronic Acid helps hydrate the skin around the eyes to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  

How to apply your eye serum

A pea size amount of the serum is enough for each eye being that the product is super concentrated. When applying you want you use your ring finger and dot around the eye. The lightest touch to this delicate area of skin is all you need for the product to be absorbed around the eye area and it also insures the best results for that skin. When applying you want to start at the inner corner of your eye and work out and around to the brow bone. You can also apply some of the serum to the lid if you feel like it is needed. Gently massage the eye serum into the skin using a small circular motion to stimulate circulation and blood flow. Wait at least 3 minutes before applying concealer and make up and apply your eye serum twice a day, morning and night. 

We carry 2 eye serums that we love in our office and those are Obagi's Elastiderm Eye Serum and Viktoria DeAnn's Peptide eye serum which was named Best Eye Serum of 2019. Come check out our products today and see which one would benefit you best. Thanks for following along with us! 

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