Vascular lesions, also known as spider veins, are common cosmetic skin blemishes that appear on all parts of the body. Vascular lesions are multiple or large blood vessels that form directly underneath the skin. These unsightly veins are normally harmless and can be effectively removed with laser treatment. Vascular lesions are most commonly seen on the nose, cheeks, ears, legs, and ankles. East Hill Laser & Aesthetics uses the Astanza Revolution laser to perform noninvasive laser treatment to successfully remove vascular lesions and reveal clear skin. During a treatment, our Astanza Revolution laser emits light energy onto the unwanted vein(s). The veins selectively absorb the light energy while leaving the surrounding skin tissue unharmed. As the vein absorbs the energy, it heats up and collapses, closing off any blood flow. Overtime, the blood vessels fade and disappear. Laser vein treatments work best on smaller veins, typically less than 2 mm wide. Most patients need only 2 to 3 treatments before achieving desired results while many see significant improvement after just one treatment. After treatment, patients may experience slight bruising. As the bruise heals, the spider vein will not return. Patients are encouraged to stay active daily to prevent the appearance of additional lesions.